by Asterion

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Aaron Lee
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Aaron Lee Killer prog metal from my town - hope to catch a show sometime. They recently changed their name to Vintersea. Favorite track: Revenant.
Jay Goin
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Jay Goin I saw these guys live at Duffy's Hangar and they put on a great show--a really tight live act! Favorite track: The Strangers.
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"Constellations" is the first published release from progressive metal band Asterion. This 5-track EP is available for download to all of our fans, allowing you to check it out for free and pay a few dollars if you love it as much as we hope you do. Enjoy!

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released October 15, 2014

*Lyrics and music by Asterion (Avienne Low, Jorma Spaziano, Jeremy Spencer, Nick Clark, and Riley Nix)

*Artwork by Andrew Fowler of Permaink Designs

*Guest Organ on "Revenant" and Guest Vocals on "The Strangers" courtesy of Rylan Woodrow



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Asterion Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: The Strangers
Pray for silence in enmity
Keep your words of hostility
I can see the coming of the heresy
Naked wounds and creeping worms let out at me

You make me hate
You make me claw at my own feet
You make me hate
Gnawing pits on the virgin meat

So we come to the end
Our bones break, but we’re living as men
Forge your steel from disorder
And the blind shall prevail

Oh, brother, my love
Our tin soldiers are broken
Pull the sword from my heart
While our mothers wail
Track Name: Twin Peaks
Quiet entity in love
Preaching, to the poor and torn of a higher time to come
Faded faces take my nights and days away
Laying slowly, early morning gyrations

Living in the silence
Undertaker with the fragments of
The Twilight, and the Being
They deceive you, and it’ll make you mine

Let me be, the one to break the walls that separate your heart and fate
Let me hold, your words till all the silence fades away
Circling forward home from day to day

Broken chains from yesterday
Show me your world, your life, your story
Grab my hand and glide through fields of barley
Nothing matters, now is every thing we need

Giving into flesh and bone
Swimming in the corners of your skin
Holding you by strings around your finger
Breathing mist on violent panes
Feed me with the mead of your existence
Make me weak while we both sin
Track Name: Nihilon
Living with the lights out
The heresy
Of a world you vowed will never break me
Starved and diseased stripped away from all identity
Ahh! It’s harrowing
Break the chains of my submission to
This destiny
Left to wither with no name

Echo of the brittle bones that you cursed me with
Carved without a beating heart
Sewn from the fabric of scorn and hatred
Deluded by the masquerade that you’ve orchestrated
Release me
Release me

Losing grip on my reality
And my perception
Stuck beneath the veil of temporary visions (and voices)
Governed by the perpetrators of delusion
The more you know, the less you gain
In this circus of lies
I’m losing my mind

And I never wanted you to walk away
And I never wanted the portrait of us to fade
And I always cut your hand to see you bleed
You taste so real, so pure; it makes me weak
Digging deep under my skin
So bury me, I can’t exist—

We melded luxury through bitter deceit
We massacred the righteous
Intoxicating a society
Bound by the clutch of ignorance
If we are blinded to our harrowing fate
We’ll nourish the decay of Man
We’ll be branded by our wrecked remains
As the architects of
Track Name: Revenant
Hands bound
Eyes forced open
Witnessing the worth
Of our blood
As seasons change
We’ll fall to pieces
March of death

As worlds collide
Find solace
This is the end in sight
We tore our eyes
From tomorrow
We’ll seek the light
Until the end of time

We fight for peace
Protectors of our realm
From this disease
Blood-stained shackles
Smote by your words
We sold our souls
To faceless gods

Failed inquisition, making mem’ries of my strife
Hail the beginning, it entrenches on my crimes
Making sense of bits and fragments playing games on my mind
Bitten nails and beating hearts
Summoned with sorrow in silence

We heard your wails from below
Song of songs, exalt us
Turbulent indecisions
As history repeats itself
Track Name: The Precious Nothing
Crimson colors of perricone veins are falling
Take me to the sweet horizon that calls my name
One day, we will make it alive
From this world we gotta leave behind
Silicone silence of everyone walking around here
Break these walls I’ve built in vain

All this pain is temporary, don’t forget (Who you are)
And I will take you (Far away from the earth, You can leave all the hurt behind)
Paint the picture of golden sands and hold your breath (Arise in solidarity)
Skies are falling (Buckle up and let go, bleed the bane of the day away)

The withered voices, they make me pray and go to sleep
The air is clear, I’ve made these promises I cannot keep
Fighting wars with the shadows of your past memories
Fallen soldiers, the echo of the broken and the weak

The end of the summit shackles on your shoulder
To scale the sweet salvation on your neck
One with the darkness inside that compels you
To burn the propriety upon this land
In the glimmer of the guiding stars are faltering
Awaken to the sounds of benediction
Calls my name!
We are lost, in the spirit of reckoning

Burn it down
Leave the existential ashes on the barren ground
Before I pull the trigger at the eye of my destruction
Wake me up right now